Customized Mouthguards

Customized Mouthguards aren't strictly for professional athletes, and you may find that you need one as well! Whether you tend to grind your teeth, have temporomandibular disorder (TMJ), or practice rigorous sports, a mouthguard is your answer! It will protect your teeth, gums, and tongue from potential damage.

Mouthguards for grinding, otherwise known as bruxism, can save your enamel and help reduce the pain of temporomandibular (TMJ) disorders. By using a mouthguard, you will sleep better and wake up with more relaxed jaws. We customize our mouthguards, ensuring your comfort!

The ADA recommends the use of a mouthguard for over 25 different sports! Many rowdy sports pose a threat to your teeth. For the best protection of your teeth, it is best to get a custom-fit mouthguard for optimum comfort and safety.

Caring for your mouthguard is very important to prevent the build-up of bacteria. You can brush it with your toothbrush and toothpaste when you brush your teeth in the morning, you can rinse it with mouthwash (not soak), or you can clean or rinse it with mild soapy water, hydrogen peroxide, a mild bleach solution or even ordinary denture cleaners. You have plenty of options on how to clean them. Just remember to always rinse with water after cleanings.