Having a whiter smile can be the confidence boost many people need and desire to be proud of their smile. As we age, our teeth tend to lose their white color due to daily habits that stain our teeth such as drinking coffee or smoking. Luckily, we can reverse that and give you a bright white smile through Professional Teeth Whitening. Having your teeth whitened professionally will give you much better results in a much shorter amount of time versus the products available over the counter. Our treatments are given by professionals to ensure effective and beautiful results. We can take your smile from dull and discolored to bright and white!

We use the Opalesence Custom Whitening Tray system that is a simple, two step process. First, we will create a customized tray from a mold taken from an impression of your teeth to ensure the tray is perfectly fitted to your mouth. A whitening gel is then added to the trays, which will be worn for a short amount of time over the course of a few days. After these sessions, you will have a smile that is between four and eight shades brighter!