Having a beautiful, straight smile is important for many people. Some people shy away from showing their smile if it is crooked or misaligned. Fixing misaligned teeth through orthodontics will not only give you a more beautiful smile, it will protect your mouth from cracking or breaking that can happen from misalignment. Orthodontics can also help protect your jaw, as long-term chewing can destroy the bone structure of your jaw. We believe that everyone should have the confidence to show off their smile, so we offer several options for restoring your smile through orthodontics.

Braces are the most widely used and common solution for gaining a straight, beautiful smile. Braces are metal brackets that are placed on the teeth that are strung together by wires that gently shift the teeth to the proper position. These wires are held on to the bracket with rubber bands. Depending on your particular smile, traditional braces on average are worn between one and three years.

Six Month Smiles is a modern take on traditional braces that offers the same results, but in a shorter time span and without the obvious metal brackets. Using clear brackets and tooth-colored wires, these braces are significantly more discrete. This is an excellent option especially for adults who would like to have straight teeth but are fearful of having traditional metal braces for such a long period of time. This solution will give you the smile you want in just six months with no obvious metal brackets and wires.

Invisalign is a revolutionary to aligning and restoring one’s smile. Invisalign can give you similar results that braces can, but no one will know you are adjusting your smile, they will just notice how perfect and straight it will be! The process involves taking special molds of your teeth to create a series of customized alignment trays. Your teeth will gradually and gently shift into the smile you want with no brackets or wires!

Snap-On-Smile is an excellent option for smile restoration, as it is easy, affordable and painless. You can achieve the smile you desire by simply snapping in a set of strong, thin veneers on top of your natural teeth. We like to think of them as contacts for your teeth. The process requires no drilling, no change in teeth structure, and most importantly, no pain! This is a great option for temporary restoration for a patient who is waiting on an implant or a bridge. Or simply if you just want to improve your smile with a snap!

Compared to Veneers, orthodontics adjusts your bite and realigns your teeth rather than adjusting just the tooth and covering the problem area. When you choose orthodontics, you are choosing your own natural teeth, which is an ideal option for people who have naturally beautiful teeth but struggle with misalignment issues. Veneers may be a better option for those who have cracked, chipped or extensively stained teeth.