Dentures are replacement teeth that can restore your mouth to a beautiful and functioning smile. If you are missing some or all of your teeth, dentures may be the right solution for you to give you a fully functioning mouth.

There are two different types of dentures, Immediate and Conventional, and you and your dentist can decide which are right for you.

Immediate dentures are ordered prior to the removal of your remaining teeth and will be ready for you and will be placed upon extraction. Immediate dentures may need to be altered after installment because of changes in your gums during the healing process. The perk of getting immediate dentures is that you will not have to spend any time without teeth after extraction, you will immediately have the smile you desire!

Conventional Dentures, on the other hand, do have some wait time until the dentures will be placed after extraction. This allows time for your gums to heal, generally between four and eight weeks, until your dentures are placed in permanently.

It won’t take you long to get acquainted with your new dentures, you’ll quickly get used to smiling, laughing, chewing and enjoy your new, functioning smile!