I have been a patient of Dr. Accettura's for over 4 years, following her wherever she has gone. I have never felt more comfortable in the chair than when I see Dr. A. Her humor, personality and of course, the staff, have made my dental care something I actually look forward to. Dr. Accettura goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable, happy with her work, and ultimately have a good time. Go see her!
Jen K.
I used to fear going to the dentist. Not anymore. Antonia and staff treat you with 'tender loving care'! Great dentist.
Mark F.
All my experiences here have been very pleasant and no pain. Thank you staff and Dr. Accettura.
John K.
I don’t like to have fillings done but it was easier than I thought it would be.
Allee J.


I am 52 and have been to many Dentist’s. This is the best care I have ever received. The office is professional and Doctor and staff are Great! No wait on a Crown to be made, and wait two weeks with a temporary Crown. Doctor makes the Crown in the office while you wait. Great Dentist and staff.
Mark M.
I went to Dr. Accettura’s dental office the other day and they were AMAZING!! The entire staff was so welcoming and made me feel so compfortable i nearly fell asleep!!! She is sooo great with my kids. For the first time ever i felt good and easy in the dental chair . I never want to go but being here made me feel as though i could get my treatment done with ease you have to give them a try!!!
Sara W.
Dr. Accettura is the best. She will always make sure you get the best dentistry possible. She is nice, knowledgeable and very personable. She will always be honest with you and make you feel comfortable. I love Dr. A!
J S.
Dr. Accettura is a wonderful dentist! She is very personable, kind, and knowledgeable. Dr. Accettura really cares about you and your teeth. I would highly recommend heading over to Grass Valley Smiles.
Aya A.
We followed Dr. Toni from Roseville to Grass Valley (don’t mind the drive for an honest dentist). She is a very caring , excellent dentist!
Julie R.
A great dentist and friendly office staff. Dr. Accettura takes the dread out of having to have dental work done!
Kathy S.
First of all I just want to say that my biggest fear is the dentist I mean biggest and I’m talking when they get ready to start work I’ve been known to say I have to go to restroom and go get in my truck and leave that’s how scared I’ve been and I want everyone to know that this dentist and I mean the whole staff have made me fill so comfortable and relaxed and almost all my fears have been put to ease but I’m still afraid of needles and she really makes it super easy and painless so please if want great dentistry and family atmosphere and great music please give them a chance you won’t be disappointed thank u Dr A.
Doug L.
A rare and pleasant find -A terrific compassionate dentist, exceptional welcoming staff and state of the art facility -High marks given as well for unlike other facilities, nothing was recommended to me that was not necessary. This was my 1st (but definitely not last) visit to my new dental family. Thank you– Dr. Accettura and Staff.
Geri L.
I was referred to Dr. Accettura from a local friend who is one of her patients. He highly recommended her as a skilled, knowledgably and friendly dentist. The best he has ever encountered. I wanted to get a second opinion on a procedure that my local dentist suggested and I just was not convinced it was necessary. I called for an appointment and explained my situation. She was of course booked for the week since I had such short notice.. I explained I was only in town for a week, since I live in San Diego and they said they would call if they had an opening. Later that day, they fit me in, amazing! I first met with Heather her assistant, she took x-ray’s and answered every question I had. I have never met an assistant as knowledgeable as Heather. It was so nice to see that a Dr. actually takes the time to educate their staff, this is not common from what I have experienced. When I met with Dr. Accettura she made me feel so comfortable that I felt like I had been a long term patient of hers. She sat down and patiently listened to my reasons for meeting with her. She showed me the x-rays and explained why she agreed with the procedure my dentist had suggested. The biggest difference between Dr. Accettura and my dentist is Dr. Accettura took the time and explained everything very slowly and simply to me. She even took photos in my mouth with a camera, that looked like a pen, to show me exactly why she was recommending the work to be done. I have never seen this camera technique but, it was amazing. I could not see what needed to be done from the x-rays but, the camera showed it all. She then went on to support my dentist by saying, “He really is making the best decision but, so often, we dentists rush through our appointments and do not take the time to explain carefully to our patients what needs to be done and why and because the explanation is not clear the patients like me, seek a second opinion. I am so very grateful to Dr. Accettura for taking the time to really make me feel comfortable and understand exactly why my dentist really does know his stuff, he just need to slow down and explain things better. I was so thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet Dr. Accettura and her staff and if I ever need a dentist while I am up in the Grass Valley area, you can bet I will only go to Dr. Accettura!!!! And better yet maybe someday, she will come to San Diego!
Janet C.
I am a 60-year-old woman and have been afraid of dentists all of my life. Whenever I would have a dental appointment, I would just dread having to go in. My anxiety level was always heightened and I was scared of experiencing pain. Then, to my surprise I was fortunate to have Dr. Accettura evaluate and perform necessary dental work. Why? Because she was so compassionate and patient in handling my anxiety. In addition, her dental hygienist, assistant, and front desk multi-tasker (master of all) contributed to my experience of going to the dentist as one that not only could I endure, but one that I am extremely grateful for being one that relieves my anxiety. I am relocating to Washington State and I can honestly say that I will be back to a team that I trust, and a team that has finally made me secure in going to the dentist.
Mary E.
First visit with Dr. Accettura here in Grass Valley. Been with the office/location for over 25 years and am super happy and am glad we stayed with this practice. Dr. Accettura has such a great approach to her patients and you can see that her staff is also reflecting her positive attitude. What I liked so much about her was she sat with me and listened to my entire health history not just my mouth. My family has seen them this week and they are all super happy and we are very thankful that Dr. Accettura has decided to make Grass Valley her new home for her practice. Amazing, fast and very nice job – who could say that from a person giving a filling right? Highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a dentist.
Janet W.
Hello people looking for an awesome dentist!! I hadn’t been to a dentist for anything in about 6 years. Finally figured I should go get a cavity dealt with and have a team check me out. I was very nervous just randomly picking a dentist since I am new to the area but was pleasantly surprised at the service I received at this office! The staff was clear, organized and very nice. I didn’t have to wait long at all and was in and out with a cleaning, cavity filling, X-rays and general checkup stuff within 2 appointments. I 100% recommend the staff and facility!
Rebecka M.